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How to choose a mattress

Support, Comfort and Durability

Correct support rejuvenates you night and day
A mattress that’s too soft will not provide enough support to keep the spine correctly aligned. This causes tension, as your muscles work to compensate for the problem, leaving you tired and aching in the morning.

A mattress that’s too firm will not support all parts of the body evenly. It tends to create pressure points at the shoulders and hips, reducing blood circulation. This is what causes many people to toss and turn and complain of never being able to feel comfortable.

Ultimate comfort delivers entire body relaxation
Well designed comfort layer produces the ultimate in comfort and conformability for your individual body shape. The innovative combination of premium comfort materials offers you a choice of comfort designed to suit your needs. Conforming body cushioning combined with correct support delivers entire muscle relaxation and eliminates pressure points which restrict blood circulation. This means that you will enjoy deep restful sleep and wake up ready to meet the challenges of the new day.

Long durability ensures maximum value for money
Superior mattress combines the best quality craftsmanship and materials to provide maximum durability of the sleep system. The comfort layer like natural cotton felt keeps its resilience year after year and the entire production procedure is well controlled, to ensure the long service life of the entire sleep system.

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